Indian wedding garland ideas & designs enhance the beauty of traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. If you have any traditional Indian wedding event in your family or your friend’s family then you must know about the importance of Indian wedding garland designs. After marriage, Indian wedding garland ideas & designs became part of wall décor. They are a great way to keep the wedding memory alive and make the wedding ceremony more vibrant. Today, we are introducing you to the latest Indian garland designs for weddings.

Indian Wedding Garland

Ours is an extensive collection specially curated for the grandeur of Indian Hindu weddings. We strive to create a unique aesthetic for Symphony events which highlight our approach to make your special day even more special. Our collection is designed to best suit varying tastes as well as longer durations, and we’re also open to make modifications on orders as needed in size and length.

As you exchange wedding garlands with your beloved it’s important to make sure they are durable enough to wear all day without irritating your neck, so our wedding garlands are specifically designed to be worn comfortably for many hours. We assure our handmade wedding garlands suit your style and that the craftsmanship of each one is integral making it ideal as a bespoke memento to keep throughout the ceremony.

Flower Garland

Flowers are an essential component of many Indian wedding rituals. Today, traditional rituals that take place during the ceremony are indeed the true essence of any Indian wedding. The wedding begins with Jaimala or Varmala where the bride and groom exchange small garlands of flowers, accepting each other in their new life together. This is one of the most important rituals for any Indian Hindu wedding.

The Varmala ceremony is the first step to tying the knot, and marks your first milestone as a married couple. As this sacred part of your wedding day is something you and your partner will cherish for years to come, we offer a range of garlands from our Bridal Collection which are guaranteed to make any bride feel like a queen!

Tubular Garland

In some cultures, including Indian culture, the bride is expected to wear a white gown. This tradition has its origins in the concept of purity. If you are hoping to implement that tradition into your own wedding, this modern cushioned tubular varmala will be a great choice on your part. The white steel grey threads combined with colorful checkered flowers will make your outfit delightful.

Rose Garland

A lot of wedding garlands hold roses because it is regarded to be the best flower that could represent true love. But there are many other kinds that carry the same meaning when it comes with expressing emotions like love, care, and romance! This carnation flower that is.. rose garlands for Indian weddings is an ideal pick if you are searching for something traditional with a fresh twist as these fresh red carnations brighten up really beautifully while also adding grace to your look just like roses do.

Tulasi Garland

The Tulsi flower, also known as `holy basil’ is a highly valued plant in the Hindu tradition. It has several sacred uses, which makes it particularly fitting for family rites, weddings and business events. Because of its beauty, smell, and symbolism it can be used to help boost the good luck and fortune of loved ones or customers when gifted at any time of year!

Orchid Garland

Using new colours in garlands is essential for making a statement when you choose flower garlands for Indian weddings ideas. The traditional hues can become boring, but have no fear because we’ve created an unorthodox style that will help you make your wedding guests feel special when they see this stunning decoration. This combination of lilies, statice and anemone makes a bold statement and will turn heads towards your beautiful arrangement as you exchange garlands with your partner on your big day.

Pink Lotus Garland

There are so many flowers to choose from when it comes to garlands for Indian weddings. However, one of the most sacred plants in Hindu culture is lotus (or water lily), since it is a symbol of love and spirituality altogether. Lotus stems worked into bouquets make for one of the most popular choices and could be used in combination with other fresh or silk flowers as well.

Jasmine Garland

The perfect garland for a soft romantic feel? Just ask for a string of jasmines to be tied in place. To add a statement when it comes to your wedding garlands, you can use bright small flowers such as fabric roses to group them in different colours and sizes. 

Some couple have chosen tiny and vibrant fabric roses to match with their attires. You can also get these same jasmine buds or other smaller blooms (with a tint of green on them) but with different colours – like one is blue and the other red – or by using different sized flowers for even more variety and charm!

White Classic Garland

The magnificence of the white garland can never be matched, and for a lovely choice in floral arrangements at weddings, this might be your best pick. Featuring white flowers such as rose petals and jasmine with rings of grass mixed together with pink roses on this mala, this is sure to make an utterly beautiful arrangement you will wish to have at all of your Indian wedding events.


Indian garland wedding is the most popular wedding ceremony in India. The garland is considered as the symbol of love and affection of the groom towards the bride. Nowadays, modern wedding designers are using the latest and attractive designs of garlands in their wedding ceremony. They are adding new and latest ideas with the traditional Indian garland to make it more modern and stylish. They are trying to give a traditional look with a modern touch in the garland. Hope you get some Indian garland wedding ideas to create an memorable day in your life.


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