This article is all about the 10 most dangerous railway tracks in the world. Where you will not want to go even after forgetting and traveling on the railway track is not a matter of the weak hearted.  All of you must have travelled in the train bridge and tunnels.

From the fun of traveling by a passing train is something else, but do you know that the structure of the track is so dangerous from some such railway tracks in the world. Once passing through there, the thought of death will definitely come in your mind. Some pass through the runway, some from the filled market and some over the sea, so let’s take brief detailed review about it.

Dawat railway track

Thailand 415 km long railway track track is also known as the track railway, this route was earlier named as Thar Verma Line. This route was built by the Japanese in 1983 AD. This rail track connecting the banks to the Burmese city of Rangoon was closed in 1947 and knowing the reason will make anyone’s soul tremble.

According to a report in making this line, about 90000 Asian laborers and the captive laborers died around 12399, that is why this project was named as Railway Route. Which was earlier named Thar Verma of this project.

When the train passes through here even in today’s time, then there Nearby let the people tell that they hear the sound of screaming. Despite this painful incident, the middle railway track was reopened after 10 years in 1957, so this country is in the world’s 10 most dangerous railway track.

Dam Railway New Zealand

The most unique thing about this railway track is that it sure passes through the main runway of the airport and the train This Before passing through the track on the runway, permission is required from the Air Traffic Control Room base The steam train passes through the runway of the airport.

Meklang Railway

Market Rail Thailand Have you seen the train passing through a full market, have you not seen it today. In fact you can also see the Meklang Railway Market of Thailand in the middle of a railway line has been laid. The train passes twice a day at 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm and do you know that people also set up shops on this track. When the train passes through here, people remove goods from their shops. Later Let’s set up our shop again while the train passes away. The distance between the train and the people is only few meters.

Route in Asmina Japan

One of the world’s most scary and dangerous railway tracks is a tearful route railway line is in Japan. A part of the railway line is high iron of Breast. It pass through the open bridge from the other side and the driver’s wrong move is enough to take you towards death. The danger does not end there only, the route of the train passes through the Jiva Volcano which is the largest active volcano of Japan. House Hai Jwalamukhi is an explosive train and can make the last journey of passengers.

Rameswaram Railway Track

Chennai the rail route of South India, passing over the sea, connects Tamil Nadu with Rameshwaram’s Pawandeep. Hence it is also called wind bridge. Bridge Its length is about two meters and its construction was started in August 1911 and was completed on 24 February 1914. It is the second longest bridge in India. And It is one of the most dangerous railway track in the world.

Loud Download Railroad

Gas from Colorado of America In The built rail route is of 3 feet detention, before that the train is very late at the turn and passes carefully. The railway track built on two hills was ready in 1887 but due to some fault it was closed in 1939. Its After some changes in the construction, it was reopened in 1984. How dangerous this route is, it can be gauged from the fact that the route is only 72 kms. But after the height of 640 feet, the depth view would have been very scary. Is And the train takes about one and a half hours to complete the journey.

White Pass Yukon Route Alaska USA

Once Soviet Union Of The track made in Alaska, which is part, is about 180 kilometers long. It is named White Fastrack. After the high peak of Alaska, White Pass, this track is also considered to be the target of unbroken friendship between Canada and America. Happened Where the sight is enough to scare anyone, but it is a matter of comfort that till date no accident has happened. That is why the track attracts thrill seekers from all over the world.

Cloud Argentina Railway

Train to Cloud Argentina Railway built in Argentina track. One of the most dangerous tracks in the world. It took about 27 years to build the Vesh railway track, built in 1948. It was built at a height of 4220 meters above the ground. The magnificent Track Court Train of the Clouds is also called Ek Ki Tunnel and Tere Phool Se through Etrite. Nestled in the lap of the passing Andes ranges, takes you from northwestern Argentina to the Chinese border. Due to the height of the railway track being so high, it is considered as one of the dangerous rail track in the world.

Railway Route of New Mexico

New Mexico, the railway route of New Mexico, America, is very old. America’s highest railway line, which passes through the Rocky Mountains, due to the high altitude. Festival coal engines run on the track, about 80 kilometres in length 8+. New Mexico connects Andrew You will be surprised to know that this dangerous track 9. It was prepared in months, its highest height is one hundred and fifty meters above the ground. On the mountain, believe it or not when the train passes through here, the passengers take their heart.

1012 Naresh Dayalbagh

1012 Naresh Dayalbagh or you can say Rose of the Day will Ecuador. This 12 km long track made on Windies Mat Mala Makes you tremble with fear. It was Built in 1902 is an unmatched sample of railway track engineer. Hundreds of workers died after falling from the mountain while making it, that is why it is called David Laws i.e. devil’s nose. Many of them did not even get dead bodies and a height on the hills sea It reaches up to 9000 feet from the floor. Now you can guess for yourself that if the train passes through Goddess Sutai, then how scary would be the journey.


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